Your yoga and meditation practice is a fundamental element that keeps your energy flowing, your body in tune, and your mind relaxed. At 5 Elements you’ll be able to grow your practice and integrate its lessons into your life. Some of the best instructors in the Southeast will guide you.



BRANDON ALLISON….200hr Tantra Yoga Certified, 200hr Power Yoga Certified. A true tantrika is one who embraces all the avenues that deepen the experience of life. Brandon’s classes emphasize deep consistent breath, intelligent sequencing of postures, and time for stillness, allowing the work to integrate within the self. Through postures, intentional breath, and meditation, we become familiar with the teacher inside us all. Brandon currently teaches Tantra Vinyasa classes at Yoga Shala Charlotte.


Debbie George

DEBBIE GEORGE delights in sharing the dharma of the Buddha’s non-religious teachings of Insight Meditation. She’s experienced the profound wisdom and practice of Vipassana meditation as offering practical tools to aid us in untangling our thinking which is all too often the creator of our misery. Debbie completed a yearlong study program at Barre Center for Buddhist Studies in early Summer 2013 and has been diligently teaching, practicing and studying Buddhist Meditation since Summer 2007.


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MARGARET MAURICE discovered her passion for yoga while seeking health and balance in her life as a musician, music educator, and graduate student. She found it natural to fuse vocal warm-ups with postures to open and relax, helping students become grounded and gain confidence. Margaret is a perpetual student and enjoys learning from many different teachers, so she frequently attends classes and workshops at a variety of studios throughout the Southeast. Margaret currently teaches music at Mountain Island Day School and is the program director at Be Yoga Family in Charlotte.


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CHRISTINA HOWELL, of Integrative Yoga in Boone, practices a mind-body approach to wellness. She integrates yoga techniques of mindfulness, body awareness, breathing exercises, simple movements, restorative poses,and guided relaxation. Christina holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, 300 hrs of yoga teacher training, DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy based on Zen Buddhist philosophy) Certification. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a National Certified Counselor, and a Yoga Alliance Registerd Yoga Teacher.


ALICIA ROSKIND…creator of Okra Yoga, is a highly experienced and spiritual instructor whose classes both challenge and inspire. Alicia’s classes have an extra element of strength and conditioning to mindfully push you to your edge. Her work class is custom designed and catered to all-levels of yogis and yoginis, both beginners and experienced yoginis.

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SARA VAVRA…Sara is a spectacular Yoga Instructor, Licensed Bodywork and Massage Therapist and Hypnotist. A yoga instructor for over five years, Sara imbues her classes with a sense of empowerment and strength, taking her students on a journey that tests and invigorates both mind and body.  A mother of two incredibly cool young boys, Sara radiates light and energy- and her classes are a blast.