Your yoga and meditation practice is a fundamental element that keeps your energy flowing, your body in tune, and your mind relaxed. At 5 Elements you’ll be able to grow your practice and integrate its lessons into your life. Some of the best instructors in the Southeast will guide you.

Danielle big

       DANIELLE GARLAND has been teaching yoga for ten years, and through that journey has also  become a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist. Danielle’s classes at Okra Charlotte are challenging and inspiring. She has received her 200 and 500 hour certification with Grace Morales, and has trained with Rod Stryker, Andrey Lappa, and Rolf Gates. Danielle’s classes cater to all levels, offering modifications in direction of more restorative to more invigorating. Danielle is also a painter and printmaker and believes creativity is another key element in finding balance in life.


BRANDON ALLISON….200hr Tantra Yoga Certified, 200hr Power Yoga Certified. A true tantrika is one who embraces all the avenues that deepen the experience of life. Brandon’s classes emphasize deep consistent breath, intelligent sequencing of postures, and time for stillness, allowing the work to integrate within the self. Through postures, intentional breath, and meditation, we become familiar with the teacher inside us all. Brandon currently teaches Tantra Vinyasa classes at Yoga Shala Charlotte.




ALICIA ROSKIND…creator of Okra Yoga, is a highly experienced and spiritual instructor whose classes both challenge and inspire. Alicia’s classes have an extra element of strength and conditioning to mindfully push you to your edge. Her work class is custom designed and catered to all-levels of yogis and yoginis, both beginners and experienced yoginis.


sybil harmon

SYBIL HARMON has practiced of Tai Chi and Qigong for 16 years. She is a certified Tai Chi Instructor (2002) with Golden Flower Tai Chi International, Master San Gee Tam (, and is certified in Qigong, Meditation, and Qigong Energy Healing (2007) by Master Yun Xiang Tseng (Chen), Taoist priest and martial art master from Wudang Mountain in China ( Sybil is a native of NC, graduate of ASU, and resides in Creston, NC – nearby Fort Awesome! She formerly published Art of WellBeing, a Piedmont Triad holistic health magazine, for 11 years.


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After more than 25 years as an educator, University Professor, and school developer and director, Susan Westbrook took a leap out of the mainstream to become a high ropes facilitator, life coach, and Reiki Master/Teacher. A consummate teacher, Susan is passionate about helping you go bravely into the dark corners of your inner life so you can begin healing the old wounds that are stealing the peace, joy, and abundance you were created to have. In  her book “The 5 Tibetans” (Findhorn Press, 2014), Susan blends her experience as a naturalist and spiritual coach with the forms and mantras of the legendary “5 Tibetans” yogas to provide you with a format for a daily spiritual practice that will send the self-destructive grasping behaviors running and open space for growing actions and thinking that will make healing possible.